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the Hon. Yvonne Reddick; District Leader and District Manager of CB12 and Lawrence J Cormier; Entrepreneur. Ms Reddick received recognition from the People of Hollis Park Gardens. Yvonne was pro-active in helping secure multi-million dollar funding for the upgrade of wells 38 and 38a. The wells are located at Jamaica Avenue and 193rd Street. Ground water pumped by the wells had been contaminated with MTBE (methyl tertiary-butyl ethanol), a carcinogenic anti-ping gasoline additive. The new facility under construction is state-of-the-art This was a tremendous victory for the People of Hollis Park Gardens who rallied together and lobbied the government. Mr Cormier is a noted area businessman. His name is synonymous with Ebony Oil Company. Ebony Oil dominated the home heating oil industry in Queens in the 1970's. Mr. Cormier is also a founder of United Black Men of Queens and its former President

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Amelia Allen and several invited guests enjoy the show Members of the Board of United Black Men of Queens with Hon Yvonne Redick, District Manager CB 12, Hon Henry McCoy, Donna Clopton, President 103 CC, Mr Washington, President Emeritus 103 CC
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Claudia Buckingham, Purine Santos, Joe Buckingham, Amelia Allen, Dr David Tavakoli, Buddy & Vangie Robles,(President of PAMET-New York). Hon Yvonne Redick, District Manager CB 12 accepting her Distinguished Community Service Award presented by the People of Hollis Park Gardens by Dr. Mike Kurtz
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Amelia & Lester Allen in their dining room flanked by members of the Board United Black Men of Queens, NYC Councilmember Leroy Comrie in the center Chantel Papillon, Harry, Amelia Allen, Eida Diaz, Neville Seecoomar, Dr Sylvester Ozoude, Sandra Atwell

as well as former President of the NAACP Queens Chapter. NYC Councilmembers Jim Gennaro and Leroy Comrie took part in the days events. It was noted that Hollis Park Gardens has always been known for its area health professionals. Vangie Robles, President of PAMET was there. So was Purine Santos, Area Representative for Lingzi; Coffee that Heals. So was Billy Shanahan; Area Representative;Legacy for Life. Susan Abel-Bey and Vanote Polanco were introduced and their husbands remembered; the late Dr. Coolidge Abel-Bey (OBGYN) and the late Dr. Jacques Polanco (Anesthesiology). Drs. Ozoude, Lewin, Seecoomar and Tavacoli were introduced. Dr. Ozoude was praised for his work in the community with the Department of Health Immunization Program for Children. It has become even more important given the new global threat of bioterrorism. God bless Dr Ozoude and the rest of our doctors.

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